Soaking Rain

We had a new neighbor move in downstairs. Previously it was a bunch of recently graduated college kids who could care less if I biked on the trainer for an hour or more. Now it is an old lady ready to retire. The first day I biked on the trainer after 45 mins the new neighbor knocked on the door and asked what I was doing ? She said it sounded like a freight train in her apt — her over exaggeration .
Considering we are moving soon , and R insisted I decided I would bike outside for the rest f the time at this apt.
As it turns so far I am batting .8 for it to rain the day I have to bike.
Yesterday was pelting rain. And I had to bike 1hr with repeats. I got home and decided I was being a wimp for trying to get out of it.

Start of training 2012

After running an easy 10k turkey-trot over thanksgiving I am back to training. Or whatever you can say is training for triathlons. So far it is still out-season training at EN. So the volume is fairly low. But with enough other things to deal with , like moving, trip abroad, etc training takes a back-seat.
So I started this week with the plan to hit very day till I leave for my trip abroad. Still have to figure out the logistics of working out for tris while in Pakistan .

vDot Test

I started out-season with EN in November. So part of the first week was we are meant to do vdot tests. VDOT is a number that is used in running using the Jack Daniels running formula. The idea is the higher the number the better runner you are. Also it allows you to relate paces over different distances. So if you can run a 5k in xx:xx time how fast can you run a 1/2 marathon or a marathon. The idea with vdot is that you can train more specifically to build your pace and then when it comes to racing you are able to execute better. Anyway I digress.
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Bad Bike Workout

Some days I just don’t feel like training. On a day when it is raining and cold outside, and you are burnt out mentally from work. Sitting on the bike doing repeats takes a different type of animal. a different person.
When all you want to do is grab a beer with friends. I had to suffer a 1hr 3×15 repeats on the trainer. by the 2nd set I was mentally and physically beat. did a half hearted cool-down and called it a day. now where is that beer

D.C Heat

Another weekend and we are traveling again. This ti,e it is to dc to see my family. I have to take the bike along because it is another training weekend . I start off on sat around 12 and it is hot hot. Around 97 . I bike the wo&d loop by the time I have done the loop from regan to Vienna I am cooking. I start to try to cool down by throwing water on myself . That only helps a little. Get to dulles and I have to take a 2 min break because of the heat. I ride back to vienna and get to the car. Kamil meets me outside. I grab a water bottle throw it on my face and then grab the last of the infinit and start to run. After 70mi I meant to do a 4 mi run. The run around the park is enough to do me in. Stop at mariam’s house to grab more water.
My cousins are there, considering my state I think they wanted to stay well away. I was sweating buckets. I sit down for a while and then go back to fatimas’s house to take a shower and come back for a late lunch. Nothing better than a diet of nihari and haleem after a hard days workout.

2 down 44 to go

Just started the 12 week race-specific prep. In the words of crowie “Race Speeeecific Brriik” , need to add an Australian accent to that. 2 days of a long bike-run, followed by a long bike. Man my ass is sore, my legs are tired, my eyes have wind/sub burn and I am starting to think what the hell an ironman is all about. Did a 80mi bike ride, followed by 4mi run. Felt I was going to collapse. Total of 6hr of constant moving, a lot less than the 12 I am going for in an ironman.

The next day was a 60mi bike ride. It is almost a wonder I could get back on the bike. Lets just say certain parts of my anatomy were really really sore.

Bike Fit

So I finished my bike fit and went out for my sun ride. It’s been a while since I rode the titicus loop around Stamford, most of os has been doing the quick new cannan loop. Went out on long ride and I was quickly reminded of the hills, oh the hills of long ridge. I have never quite measured it but there are 2-3 long climbs on that road. I guess that is why the bike store is located at the end of the hills.
Anyway the bike felt great. I felt I was in more control and for a training ride I was avg at 17mph which for me is great.
Rode around the resivior and back to new cannan and then Stamford. R had parked the car at her office went re-filled on infinit and then went out for round 2.
This time i decided to do the reverse loop and rode from Stamford, to new cannan and then back. I could feel I had less juice in the legs. On the way down to long ridge I was wondering I didn’t cut this ride short. Got into the parking lot with 4hr of saddle time.
Got my running shoes on and tried to hammer out as quickly as possible.
The next day on Sunday was an easy 3 hr ride around Milford .
That is what I call the end of a good training week.

Self supported tri

So what does a triathlete need to do when he is recovering from a sinus infection and has asthma, he needs to do a self-supported triathlon. I mean isn’t that obvious, it is so obvious it is stoopid . So I am not doing the harry man race. I get up in the morning go for a long swim of 1hr. The pool is somewhat empty so it is nice.
On the way back I stop by to get breakfast.
And then it is off for e ride. Do the 1st loop of 40mi using 2 bottles of infinit, feel good legs feel fresh. Stop by the house to get refills and then head out for the 2nd loop. Doing well till the 70 mi mark and then the wind picks up. I must have been riding into a horrid headwind because I slowed down from 18mph to 14. Finally get home having done 96mi. Change into running shoes, timed it perfectly because R is done with her ride she decides to pace me for the run. I run out to silversands beach and do the regular 8 mi loop from the house. By the time I get home I am beat but considering I was recovering from an infection this was a good day.