vDot Test

I started out-season with EN in November. So part of the first week was we are meant to do vdot tests. VDOT is a number that is used in running using the Jack Daniels running formula. The idea is the higher the number the better runner you are. Also it allows you to relate paces over different distances. So if you can run a 5k in xx:xx time how fast can you run a 1/2 marathon or a marathon. The idea with vdot is that you can train more specifically to build your pace and then when it comes to racing you are able to execute better. Anyway I digress.
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First real race after ironman. Actually I should say first real run after ironman. I decided to the 5k for nyrr in harlem . It would give me a point for qualifying for the nyc marathon. And plus I just wanted to workout. Recovering from ironman is as tough on the mind as training for ironman is. Even with the wedding on the horizon I just felt I need to get out and do some workouts.

The goal was to use this race as the 5k vdot test . It would establish pace goals for the next training block. I really wanted to go sub 20 in the race. I know that is tough (impossible) without any planned speed workout but hey what they hell I trained for the ironman.

The race went as well as can be expected. I lost the kick on the last mile should have/could have turned it up a notch for the mile, but felt I was going to throw up. So I end up with a 5k time for 22:07 min a vdot of 44.27 . Next vdot test I am aiming for above 46 .

13mi of fun

Last day of camp. A couple of decided to run the course. We set out from the tennis courts. We running at the same time as the placid marathon. A couple of team members are doing the 1/2 marathon. I run out of town and quickly find out I will be running with the leaders in the 1/2 marathon, a bunch of kids from the Olympic training center. I decide to give them a run for their money and for 2mi pick up the pace to run with them I figure I can always slow it down later. After that i slow it down. Keith runs by me he is doing the 1/2 . I was debating pacing him but decided against it. Run past the turn around of the race and continue on river road till the pink rock which is the turn around of the IM course.
On the way back I run with the rest of the people in the race. It gives me a good bulls eye to catch up wih people and pass them. I run back up the nose bleed hill into town and boy is that painful. Get back to the hotel and it is time to leave.

The run in placid

I was going run on the course before we left placid. It was going to be. 1:30hr run so I figured I could do the whole run. I ran out of town and down the hill to river road. As a runner you quickly realize the way back up is going to be painful and I mean painful. The downhill is free energy. I ran onto river and have to say 1 of the prettiest runs anywhere. The rivers is on 1 side and the mountains off in the distance. You pass by a horse farm which has a sign do not feed the horse, and another sign of the athletes on the road. I like to play mind games while I run and I was imagining some triathlete thinking the horse needed a gu or infint . Or maybe the sign should say do not feed the athletes

13mi run with fever

So I had scheduled a 1:40hr run on Thursday. On the best of my running days this is painful. When you have a 100 fever and feel sick in your stomach it is an experience.
I came back home debating the run. Decided it was worth it to go out even if I didn’t do the whole workout. The slowish start got me going but by the backstrech of the run where I run past the beach I knew this would be a sufferfest. I was keeping on planned nutrition with infinit, but after 5mi started to feel that toxic taste you get before throwing up. Ran another mile and there it came, yes I am that guy, had to throw up a little and keep running. I felt almost relieved I mean it couldn’t get any worst on a run.
Well I finished my solid 8mi run, and then had 2x2mi repeats. Started running on the toughest part of the course on the uphill back from milford. Finished the 1st repeat had to break and just sit down on the grass by the shell. I was done , ran back home hoping it would be enough for the second repeat. Got home and wen straight to bed.
That is 1 run I won’t forget in a while. Great mental build.

16mi to 10mi

Had my 16 mile long run planned today. Typical with my luck on long runs the weather was awful. It was raining slightly and it was cold. Thankfully I was able to convince R that she would join me on her bike for the last 12miles.

The run started pretty well , my legs felt good and the weather was getting slightly better. By the time I was in Milford I was thinking this would be nice TP run back. I started doing 8min/miles to see how much I push myself. It was then on the backstretch that I started really feeling the strain of the weather and the run. By the time I was passing milford beach for the second time I decided that was it. I was Done. I stopped and took off my shoes and walked right into the ocean to cool down. 10miles at a tough I thought I would call it a day

14 miles

Just finished my 14miles long run. After the last Sunday run disaster it was a mental boost to do the longer run and keep with the training program.
Started off slowly for the first 4 mi clocking in 8:45s. Got interupted twice by work on the phone. So it was nice to have an iPhone.
By the time I got to 10miles it was painful and I was running out of nutrition. I had do the last 2 miles at lower pace and it reminded my how you sometimes get into this zone during a workout.
After the last 2 miles I has to do a 2 mile fark-leg which was painful to see the least.