13mi of fun

Last day of camp. A couple of decided to run the course. We set out from the tennis courts. We running at the same time as the placid marathon. A couple of team members are doing the 1/2 marathon. I run out of town and quickly find out I will be running with the leaders in the 1/2 marathon, a bunch of kids from the Olympic training center. I decide to give them a run for their money and for 2mi pick up the pace to run with them I figure I can always slow it down later. After that i slow it down. Keith runs by me he is doing the 1/2 . I was debating pacing him but decided against it. Run past the turn around of the race and continue on river road till the pink rock which is the turn around of the IM course.
On the way back I run with the rest of the people in the race. It gives me a good bulls eye to catch up wih people and pass them. I run back up the nose bleed hill into town and boy is that painful. Get back to the hotel and it is time to leave.