Getting back to serious racing

After some thought I have decided I want to return back to doing long-course IM racing in 2015. With the goal of doing of eventually doing an IM in 2016 . Yes that is a pretty extended timeline but given that last time I decided to do an IM after years of racing I gave myself a 2year ramp up — I want to do the same this time around.

So it is decided I will be doing IM vineman or IM boulder next year — have to discuss which one with R.

And then 2016 will be a trip to either tahoe or lake placid.

Game On!!

Feeling lazy

Wow it’s been a while since any structured training. With the number of things at work, family just have not had any time for that . But it is time to get a roll on

The mauvli

The current events in Pakistan remind me of quote from a book — I cant remember which one. “The communist are fighting to get control of country, the mauvli is fighting to take control of our souls. ” [SIC] . As if Pakistan did not have enough maulvis from within the country we had to import one from canada to lead us. And then the theatrics of so called march , which ends in a complete 180 from the position he started from. In a way him being a mauvli doesn’t bother me that , him being another disingenuous pakistani politican is the problem.

Brazen 10k

After a lot of thinking I have decided that I will start writing race reviews. More than anything this is personal so the analysis that I do after a race, and then I can remind myself of all the pros/cons of the race over time.

So I had decided to sign up for a 10k race on 01/01 . In the past Rhian and I have done the midnight run in nyc central park for several years. Since I couldn’t find a midnight run I decided I would do a race the next day. When I read the race description on the website it mentioned it was hilly. Little did I realize that they meant it was HILLY ! Continue reading “Brazen 10k”

A new Job , new season , new city

I look back and it has been a while since I last wrote in this blog. So the latest updates would in the order of

– new job

– kid on the way

– decide to train to do an IM in 2013

– and move to sfo

So as I start to get back to training mode and also get ready to move I get back to this blog.

Facebook SchoolFeed App

I have been getting bombarded by requests to join schoolfeed which is a facebook app. Knowing enough about facebook apps, I know that I really don’t want to ever join.

The entire concept behind these companies that make facebook apps, is to get access to your personal data. And then re-sell it to make advertising dollars. Now in general I am not against that. But as a user my question is what do I get in return ? ? All schoolfeed provides is access to the people that went to highschool with me. Well facebook is already doing that. So added value = 0 !!!

Now it becomes schoolfeed goes through extraordinary lengths to make sure they maximize the data they are collecting from your facebook account. They collect access to all your profile info, your posts, your images, and then on the reverse ask to get access to all of your friends and their info as well. WOW!!!

Ok so they ask access to all this info. You might say big deal. Well it boils down to 2 things.

1. they will maintain this info even if you disallow them from facebook as app. You have to go to schoolfeed to actually delete your account.

2. They are not very honest and forthcoming about their terms of service and privacy policy. In fact on their website they don’t even link to it from the homepage . The links I found are below. If you read through it is the equivalent in english of saying “you installed the app, we own your a** and your data don’t like it too bad “. Now that just takes the cake.


Conclusion: This is the sort of practices that app makers should avoid on facebook. My suggestion Do not install this app.

2 horrible weather days

Is it just me or is new england having the worst weather.First the cold weather would not go aways till mid march. And then now the rain. Seriously can I have sun please . Or is it time to move to CA or maybe AZ. Took advantage of the horrible weather by letting my legs recover . Didn’t do any major workouts for 2 days. Wow what a difference.

Loving my new Kindle

My reading habits had gone down the tube for the last couple of years. I really just didn’t want to read a paperback on the train. It was just too cumbersome. We Rhian decided to get me kindle. YAY! I had been debating getting it for a while.

As it turns out . I love it. Already read a couple of books on it. Really like the fact I can browse directly from the device and buy the book. Who needs to go to the bookstore. I always have it in my bag, so no more “I forgot my book” . Just wish the device had better web browsing, but I guess that is why we have an ipad.