Week1 of April Training

Boy I am tired. I am tired from the consistent workouts. I am both mentally and physically tired. I had forgotten how much mental fortitude it takes to do consistent triathlon workouts. I used to previously say this was this the difference between training and working-out. In “training” no matter how mentally tired , or physically exhausted you are you have to go out and do your scheduled workout. In a workout the day you feel tired or “not up for it” you skip it.

The biggest piece I noticed from my runs this week was that I was tired in my legs. My shins were hurting , my IBT was tight. Pointing to more need for recovery.

And then now I also find that I am more tired with Z being a handful everyday. But hey week 1 mission accomplished 6 consistent workouts in the week. None of them were stellar but they were there. And today is a new week.

The Road Back

After a bit a self-analysis I have realized I need a complete and structured plan to get back to my goals in physical fitness. No I didn’t do the ironman this year for a lot of reasons (personal, logistical , etc) but that doesn’t mean I should give up as might have been trying to do. Though I have to say living a sedentary life is so much easier . Hell there are so many other things to do with 15hrs in a week.

So I have started on the slow, long but gradual road back. No immediate goals in mind though I have somethings up my sleeve.

2013 Abbreviated Plan

I have to change plans for 2013. The goal is still to do Ironman lake placid but how I get there might be different. Because a lot of the work , life changes already in 2012 and some more to come in early 2013 . Here is the plan to get me toe the line to Ironman lakeplacid

Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 11.55.07 PM

Recovery day

After 2 weeks of bashing my body into oblivion for out-season training finally coming to a recovery day. More than anything these last 2 weeks have helped in getting consistency and also getting my routine in order. Biking and running have slowly been coming back to form . Can’t say I am close to where I want to be for ironman training, but I am pleasantly surprised at how well I have physically responded to the training stress. There were definitely some days where it felt awful, but if you expect ironman (or any endurance event training) is peachy and easy then you have picked the wrong sport. It is really mentally draining to push yourself on the bike or the run when your body is sore, and just the day before you have pushed yourself.

So in a way the day off is a way to reset. About time to enjoy a nice glass of wine or a margarita and maybe cook something less than healthy for myself.

2 new gimmicks for Christmas

So Rhian and I decided that we would order some things we wanted for ourselves for Christmas. I choose to get a Timex Ironman GPS watch since my last training watch a polar has to go back for repairs. For a lot of reasons I didn’t like the polar that much. Compared to my timex watches it always felt as if the polar was a bit more flimsy. It got scratched up while working out, which considering the hell I put my timex through have never been scratched. Really makes me wonder if the Polar is meant to go through the same usage. Luckily from what I have seen they have a great guarantee program. So the watch can be send back and the screen and the strap will get fixed.

The 2nd gimmick was a bose headphone with noise cancellation. Considering my ability to break or wash headphones I want to see how well this headphone lasts.

Solid week of training

After moving to SFO it was a bit tough to get into a training schedule. Between new work schedule, also work hours being dispersed overtime between 7am and then 7pm pst , and then finally also dealing with the logistics of moving, and then also dealing with the eminent arrival of a kid. Finally this last week got a good training week in . Got in a total of 7 hrs of training in the week and get some basic workouts in. The big thing is to get consistency and get a good training block of training in before end jan.

Sore knee and 50m pool

So R. Convinced me to visit the new Stamford Chelsea piers. I had been doubtful because I didn’t like the fact they were charging an exorbitant fee to play squash. After a quick tour I liked they had different opportunities and especially their 50m pool. It must have been over 15 years since I swam in a regulation pool. So anyway we signed up.
Considering the pain I am having with my left knee since the last brick, I am going to be swimming a lot lot more for the next few months. Well bring on the cl.

Soaking Rain

We had a new neighbor move in downstairs. Previously it was a bunch of recently graduated college kids who could care less if I biked on the trainer for an hour or more. Now it is an old lady ready to retire. The first day I biked on the trainer after 45 mins the new neighbor knocked on the door and asked what I was doing ? She said it sounded like a freight train in her apt — her over exaggeration .
Considering we are moving soon , and R insisted I decided I would bike outside for the rest f the time at this apt.
As it turns so far I am batting .8 for it to rain the day I have to bike.
Yesterday was pelting rain. And I had to bike 1hr with repeats. I got home and decided I was being a wimp for trying to get out of it.

Start of training 2012

After running an easy 10k turkey-trot over thanksgiving I am back to training. Or whatever you can say is training for triathlons. So far it is still out-season training at EN. So the volume is fairly low. But with enough other things to deal with , like moving, trip abroad, etc training takes a back-seat.
So I started this week with the plan to hit very day till I leave for my trip abroad. Still have to figure out the logistics of working out for tris while in Pakistan .


Close to 4 months of being off and it feels weird to write a training log. Started running after a back injury 3 weeks back. This weekend was the 1st bike ride. Feels good to be back but need to regain some fitness. Quick stats running about 8 min/mi and bike FTP around 220 watts. No swimming till oct1st