Facebook and Privacy (round2)

Ok I am not the guy with the tin foil hat. But facebook is seriously ridiculous when it comes to introducing new privacy settings. And this is the second time they are going about this.

They have now added a new setting Instant Personalization. Which is by default On for all users. The setting allows all websites using the facebook api’s to get, share, update information about you. So now all of the browsing on different websites I visit is a great social experience that I get to share with everyone in the world. Everything on each of their partner websites from cnn , yelp , pandora will now not only be able to update your facebook info , but also will be able to get your information. Just what I want facebook the overlord of my information on the web. NTY!

It is not even an option which websites I want to opt into this. So it is an all or nothing. Great. facebook is one of the few websites/applications that I don’t use that often and every once in a while they introduce something that requires me to go change more settings. Has their product team ever heard of the UI concept of Reasonable Defaults!