The step to democracy

Pakistan has claimed to be an independent, sovereign and democratic country for the last 60 + years. In my lifetime I have seen 2 different military rulers. In 4 years I have seen 5 different governments.

But recently I think this young country which is built at the center of an ancient culture took its first step towards true democracy. After a long drawn out process the supreme court finally rejected the NRO. And now old corruption cases against the government ministers and the president can no longer be dismissed. They have to answer to the same laws that every other citizen has to answer to. The interior minister , to whom all law enforcement reports to has to defend himself against criminal cases.

Now if we can deal with this issue legally, politically, socially with out riots or another military coup then we take a step towards democracy.

The House of Saud

If I could say one thing to the House of Saud it would be “Leave Pakistan alone” . The following is an interesting article , which is just the tip of the iceberg, of how for the relatively short history of Pakistan, our dear friends of the Arabian peninsula have played such an influential role.

As a Pakistani, I feel I share no cultural , ideological, theological, political, religious ties to the Arabian peninsula. Then why should I allow the House of Saud to poison my countries religious, political, cultural enviornment.