Lake Placid Trip

Yes only Rhian would think of going hiking in the middle of winter. To be fair I don’t mind going either, but I am much bigger wuzz when it comes to the cold weather. Given the choice I would prefer not to do anything in the cold. I have to explain that as opposed to other people I talk to it takes me forever to warm-up when working out in the cold. For example most people warm up after a 10min jog in the cold , for me it takes a good 40mins to warm up, 30min if I am doing a hard run.

Anyway so we had decided we wanted to hiking in the winter. We have all the right grear. And it is a perfect time to do 1-2 of the 4600′ peaks in the adirondacks. Also we have been itching to try our crampons , ice-picks . Yes only us ! we enjoy gear that could kill us.

The lake placid trip was planned as quick in and out over feb14 th weekend. Yes valentines day , if you believe in the hallmark popularized holiday which is based on a possible fictional saint — will discuss in another post. Continue reading “Lake Placid Trip”