Agile/Scrum in life

So I use a lot of Agile/Scrum methodologies beyond my work life. I use it in training, person life, day-to-day planning, career progression etc. But R sent me the funniest application of scrum in life . Worth thinking about how far people can take this .

Subversion case in-sensitive files

I have been using subversion for the last 5 years. It is pretty standard code repository tool. And I have started liking it better than cvs, mcvs , it still doesn’t match up to bitkeeper . But it does the job.

Well recently I just imported in 5000 files into our work svn. We were moving servers and had decided to move some specific files into the code repository. All worked really well. Until one of the developers alerted me to error “Can’t copy / ….. ‘ . Well intially I thought it was just bunch of corrupted svn files. As it turns out it isn’t . SVN can’t handle files with the same name, but with different case . I want to say “which world are these people from ??” Even windows now sees better times than this.

The issue as they explain is that since Windows (yeah blame it on Microsoft) doesn’t support case-sensitive files, therefore they can’t . Ok . Fine good enough.Except

1. If you can’t support case-sensitive files of the name, then don’t let me import or add them. Logic would say it is an error to Add that.

2. Change the error message !!.

3. I mean seriously the better fix is allow files of the same name but with case-sensitivity . If I am *nix then it should work. Doing an update from windows should give this as an error. So then the svn client deals with it.

So maybe #3 isn’t ideal but atleast do #1, #2