The debate of cleansing

So I have always had an impossible time maintaining a diet. Frankly at this point I have realized that any No diet is meant for something I can maintain. The closest I ever come to anything is maintaining a very clean and updated food journal. This maintains some accountability between training and also what I am eating. But if I was to say that I have ever been able to use diet control as a mechanism of weight or even health control well the answer is no.

But now recently I have been fascinated with a few different cleansing techniques. The reason is again not just health/weight related but it is really about getting closer to understanding your body — that mystical state. The 2 that really stand-out, if I was to ever try them , are the 1. lemon juice cleanse or it is close cousin lemon juice+cayene pepper 2. a purely broth + liquid detox.

As sick as both of these sound to me there is a lot of good science behind it (ketosis) . The question is whether I can do it correctly . And does it really help anything.