Week1 of April Training

Boy I am tired. I am tired from the consistent workouts. I am both mentally and physically tired. I had forgotten how much mental fortitude it takes to do consistent triathlon workouts. I used to previously say this was this the difference between training and working-out. In “training” no matter how mentally tired , or physically exhausted you are you have to go out and do your scheduled workout. In a workout the day you feel tired or “not up for it” you skip it.

The biggest piece I noticed from my runs this week was that I was tired in my legs. My shins were hurting , my IBT was tight. Pointing to more need for recovery.

And then now I also find that I am more tired with Z being a handful everyday. But hey week 1 mission accomplished 6 consistent workouts in the week. None of them were stellar but they were there. And today is a new week.

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