Sunday long runs

For the past 4 months nearly all of my long runs, which I do on sunday, are done with zain in the jogging stroller. I find it is a nice way to get him out . And give Rhian a break from everything else. Plus it is great run on my regular route. I run by aquatic park, over to the trail. And then from there we go to golden gate fields. Spend some time on the soccer pitch And then run back. If I need to extend my run we go down to the pier , or do something around the park. And then it is run back to home.

I have to say as they runs become longer , currently at 9.3 mi we are testing each others limits. I am testing my limit on the run, and yes currently a 9 mi run is long for. And he is testing his own limit to how long he wants to be in the stroller.

So today as you would guess I decided to do my long run with him. It started out pretty well. A pretty sold pace of 9:15 min/mi. It went from there to 10:30 – 10:40 for the next 3 mi. On the way back it slowed down some more to 10:40.

So by all definition slow long run.

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