The mauvli

The current events in Pakistan remind me of quote from a book — I cant remember which one. “The communist are fighting to get control of country, the mauvli is fighting to take control of our souls. ” [SIC] . As if Pakistan did not have enough maulvis from within the country we had to import one from canada to lead us. And then the theatrics of so called march , which ends in a complete 180 from the position he started from. In a way him being a mauvli doesn’t bother me that , him being another disingenuous pakistani politican is the problem.

Brazen 10k

After a lot of thinking I have decided that I will start writing race reviews. More than anything this is personal so the analysis that I do after a race, and then I can remind myself of all the pros/cons of the race over time.

So I had decided to sign up for a 10k race on 01/01 . In the past Rhian and I have done the midnight run in nyc central park for several years. Since I couldn’t find a midnight run I decided I would do a race the next day. When I read the race description on the website it mentioned it was hilly. Little did I realize that they meant it was HILLY ! Continue reading “Brazen 10k”

Ringing in 2013

A new julian calendar year and new beginning in different directions. Rhian and I decided that we would take it easy this new year, so no late night partying or anything — though I will have to remind myself when we last did that. We decided we would grab a nice dinner at Alexanders Steak House and then I would do the 10k run as part of brazen running.

New years eve started fairly lazily with us not having much to do since we had done all of the logistical stuff over the weekend. We went enjoyed a nice dinner at the steak house (separate post) . The actual ringing of midnight was on the bart ride back home. And then the next day ran a hard 10k