Recovery day

After 2 weeks of bashing my body into oblivion for out-season training finally coming to a recovery day. More than anything these last 2 weeks have helped in getting consistency and also getting my routine in order. Biking and running have slowly been coming back to form . Can’t say I am close to where I want to be for ironman training, but I am pleasantly surprised at how well I have physically responded to the training stress. There were definitely some days where it felt awful, but if you expect ironman (or any endurance event training) is peachy and easy then you have picked the wrong sport. It is really mentally draining to push yourself on the bike or the run when your body is sore, and just the day before you have pushed yourself.

So in a way the day off is a way to reset. About time to enjoy a nice glass of wine or a margarita and maybe cook something less than healthy for myself.

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