Recovery day

After 2 weeks of bashing my body into oblivion for out-season training finally coming to a recovery day. More than anything these last 2 weeks have helped in getting consistency and also getting my routine in order. Biking and running have slowly been coming back to form . Can’t say I am close to where I want to be for ironman training, but I am pleasantly surprised at how well I have physically responded to the training stress. There were definitely some days where it felt awful, but if you expect ironman (or any endurance event training) is peachy and easy then you have picked the wrong sport. It is really mentally draining to push yourself on the bike or the run when your body is sore, and just the day before you have pushed yourself.

So in a way the day off is a way to reset. About time to enjoy a nice glass of wine or a margarita and maybe cook something less than healthy for myself.

2 new gimmicks for Christmas

So Rhian and I decided that we would order some things we wanted for ourselves for Christmas. I choose to get a Timex Ironman GPS watch since my last training watch a polar has to go back for repairs. For a lot of reasons I didn’t like the polar that much. Compared to my timex watches it always felt as if the polar was a bit more flimsy. It got scratched up while working out, which considering the hell I put my timex through have never been scratched. Really makes me wonder if the Polar is meant to go through the same usage. Luckily from what I have seen they have a great guarantee program. So the watch can be send back and the screen and the strap will get fixed.

The 2nd gimmick was a bose headphone with noise cancellation. Considering my ability to break or wash headphones I want to see how well this headphone lasts.

Solid week of training

After moving to SFO it was a bit tough to get into a training schedule. Between new work schedule, also work hours being dispersed overtime between 7am and then 7pm pst , and then finally also dealing with the logistics of moving, and then also dealing with the eminent arrival of a kid. Finally this last week got a good training week in . Got in a total of 7 hrs of training in the week and get some basic workouts in. The big thing is to get consistency and get a good training block of training in before end jan.