Facebook SchoolFeed App

I have been getting bombarded by requests to join schoolfeed which is a facebook app. Knowing enough about facebook apps, I know that I really don’t want to ever join.

The entire concept behind these companies that make facebook apps, is to get access to your personal data. And then re-sell it to make advertising dollars. Now in general I am not against that. But as a user my question is what do I get in return ? ? All schoolfeed provides is access to the people that went to highschool with me. Well facebook is already doing that. So added value = 0 !!!

Now it becomes schoolfeed goes through extraordinary lengths to make sure they maximize the data they are collecting from your facebook account. They collect access to all your profile info, your posts, your images, and then on the reverse ask to get access to all of your friends and their info as well. WOW!!!

Ok so they ask access to all this info. You might say big deal. Well it boils down to 2 things.

1. they will maintain this info even if you disallow them from facebook as app. You have to go to schoolfeed to actually delete your account.

2. They are not very honest and forthcoming about their terms of service and privacy policy. In fact on their website they don’t even link to it from the homepage . The links I found are below. If you read through it is the equivalent in english of saying “you installed the app, we own your a** and your data don’t like it too bad “. Now that just takes the cake.




Conclusion: This is the sort of practices that app makers should avoid on facebook. My suggestion Do not install this app.