Pakistan consulate

So R. And I got done with the Pakistan consulate finally. I had to get a new passport and she had to get a visa.
My passport stuff was rather easy. I just had to get all the paperwork in place, which I already had. And then get a self-addressed envelope to get the stuff back in. So it was easy enough to make it a day in the city. Get all of the stuff ready and they send it back to me. Got it bak in 6 days.
Rhians was more interesting. She tried to got earlier in the week , but didn’t have all of the paperwork. So we decided to make it a day before thanksgiving. My only restriction was I don’t talk. Got there pretty early. The guy behind the counter asked for her to photocopy some more stuff, which we did. Then she went back , and the guy asked if very loudly “so why do you want to go to pakistan ” . I found it funny enough to laugh. She said it was her husbands family, to which the next question who is your husband? She gave my name and showed a copy of my passport. I find it very reassuring the Pakistan embassy will allow anyone to claim to be married to anyone else, wish I had known that earlier 😉 . After the last question he took the passport and asked us to pick it up at 4pm. When we got the passport it had a written notation that “husband is a Pakistani”. Though all of those are valid questions and statements and I do not detract from any of them but still the approach seemed very misogynistic.

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