FTP Test

So finished my latest ftp test. Did the test from the office after work, on my regular stamford bike route. These tests always hurt, and hurt a lot. The idea is ride your heart, legs out for 20mins, break for 2min, and then repeat for 20mins.

The pnorm power you generate is your FTP. So my new ftp is 203. A jump of 12 watts . I will take that.

Fencing on clusters

So I will write one of my few tech blog posts. Yes I know, a rarity. Linux clusters are pretty common place these days. redhat clustering is just 1 of the several ways to achieve it. The one thing that I have found out the hardway is always , always check if the cluster you are working on has fencing. If it doesn’t have fencing , set it up immediately. Basically a HA cluster without fencing is the equivalent of not having HA.

fencing is a very simply concept. All it means is that if server A notices server B in the cluster has issues, it can reboot or power it off using a lights out management system (could even be drac) . Even the most simple fencing of shoot-the-other-node-in-the-head gives you a lot of stability.
So lesson learnt setup fencing. Test fencing.