Kati rolls and beer

So in lieu of my mediocre vdot test decided to go have some kati rolls and beer. Since my last time in the city with the tri-team I figured out the blind tiger ale house is about 2 blocks from the kati roll place in the village. Now that was a combo waiting to happen beer followed by kati rolls and then repeat. Rhian had the day off so she was able to go into the city early. I on the other hand was still dealing with a major office move and all its related stuff. I barely managed to escape the office by 6:00 . Called azfar and figured he would be game for good un-healthy food. Met him in GCT. And went down to the village.

If you haven’t experienced the blind tiger ale house. You should. Recommended by one of the biggest micro-beer aficionados I know. It lives upto the hype. Some of the most difficult to find brews are found in the small bar of the village. After a glass each we all decided to go down to have kati rolls. Now if you haven’t experienced this , kati rolls are thin fried bread wrap which can have your choice filling (usually minced meat) . Yes I know I should be on a diet for triathlons but seriously how BORING! . I managed to have 4 of these wonderfully un-healthy wrap (And yes I did do my training justice in that meal) . After that followed by some gelato now that I would have to say is a nyc meal. multi-cultural , ethnic and still a good dam un-healthy combination on all counts! .