Janus Charity Challenge

So WTC (the trademark owners of IM — ironman) , yes the big and bad corporation which holds all the ironman races, has decided to cancel the collaboration they had with Janus to create the Janus charity challenge. For a lot of triathletes who use the sport to raise money for their charity this is a huge blow. Apparently according to the rumor-mill , WTC has a separate sponsor for a charity program that they will announce later. I was planning to do a the charity challenge for my next IM race in lake placid. So now I have to wait to see what WTC brings to the table.

No Swim

I haven’t swum since august. Surprising ? Well it just mean I was busy with other things . And plus I was lazy . How many times can you motivate yourself to wakeup at 5:30 on a weekday to go to the pool ? Especially when it is cold and wet outside. Maybe I should have gone for a walk , with all the rain CT was getting I would be able to call it a swim.

So after starting OS training , I figure I should take it upon myself to add swimming. Hmmm. Darn that 3rd sport is always problematic. Goal for the initial 2 weeks is to just get back to the feel of the water. Do about 1200 -1700 yds 2-3/week. From there ramp it up build technique and form.

So I guess now it is time to drown myself.

ftp Test

Numbers Numbers. I like numbers , I live for numbers. And because I take my hobby as a hugely analytical exercise I love when I get new numbers.

So week 1 and day 2 , I am meant to do an FTP test. For me this is a bit of mixed bag. I don’t own a power tap yet (on the list of purchases). So till then I have to use heart-rate , perceived effort, and cadence at a specific gear as an estimate. Yeah I know after all that I would much rather have a power tap which tells me how many watts I am generating. Get a headache just getting a good ftp measure.
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