vDot Test

I started out-season with EN in November. So part of the first week was we are meant to do vdot tests. VDOT is a number that is used in running using the Jack Daniels running formula. The idea is the higher the number the better runner you are. Also it allows you to relate paces over different distances. So if you can run a 5k in xx:xx time how fast can you run a 1/2 marathon or a marathon. The idea with vdot is that you can train more specifically to build your pace and then when it comes to racing you are able to execute better. Anyway I digress.

I decided to do the vdot test at a local 5mi race in NYC. It was part of the build-up of races for the marathon. EN rules for vdot are very specific , we are meant to warm-up and then run a 5k hard, very very hard . The time can then give us our vdot number.
The race was at 8 am in on a Sunday. So it meant another 4am wake up for me, where I take the early 5am metro north train and then make my way to central park to pickup the packet.
I am somehow getting used to the early Sunday mornings. Maybe rhian is a well 🙂 She has to drop me off every time and then pick me up.

I got to the race site with plenty of time. Decided to warm up a bit before the race , so just stretched. And run some strides.
After that my plan was to use the 1st 1mi to warm up and then do a 5k , then I would be able to cool down by running a mile. The 1st mile zipped past I looked down at the polar gps
and saw 7:30 . Wow OK for a warm up mile that was way to fast. Ok time to dig in and do the 5k.

Picked my pace up in the 2nd mile. I couldn’t see the exact mile marker but by the time the polar beeped I saw I had run a 6:40. Ok that was good. Now I have to bring it down to a 6:30 and then finally 6:10 . At least that was the plan .
The 2nd mile was a bit hillier. I looked down 7:25 crap . That was bad. Now I have to run really really fast to get to my goal.
I kicked it up a gear. Only to find out I am not done with the hills. The 1/4 mile was still slightly uphill. By now I am struggling . Finally come to the flat and I run as fast I could manage . The time was 7:45 . Oh come on now I am pissed ran the last 0.2 for a total time of 22:10 . Ok not what I expected , but I still have 1 mile to finish the race.
Continue running and luckily since it was both down-hill and I was super-pissed ran a 7:20

Finish the race and grab my stuff. I guess no chipotle burrito for me. I had made a deal to myself go sub 20 or pr and I get a buritto. Guess no burrito for me !

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