First real race after ironman. Actually I should say first real run after ironman. I decided to the 5k for nyrr in harlem . It would give me a point for qualifying for the nyc marathon. And plus I just wanted to workout. Recovering from ironman is as tough on the mind as training for ironman is. Even with the wedding on the horizon I just felt I need to get out and do some workouts.

The goal was to use this race as the 5k vdot test . It would establish pace goals for the next training block. I really wanted to go sub 20 in the race. I know that is tough (impossible) without any planned speed workout but hey what they hell I trained for the ironman.

The race went as well as can be expected. I lost the kick on the last mile should have/could have turned it up a notch for the mile, but felt I was going to throw up. So I end up with a 5k time for 22:07 min a vdot of 44.27 . Next vdot test I am aiming for above 46 .