The screwed up hotel

So after being sick for the last couple of days. We didn’t know if we were still going to be able to make it up to LP. Rhian had booked the hotel about a week before. Thursday night I was still feeling horrible, so we decided to delay it for a day and drive up on sat. That would mean I would have to do my race rehearsal on either saturday afternoon , or sunday. Driving up on saturday we left late, on the way up heard the worldcup game on pandora.

We get to the hotel and find out they have majorly screwed up. They had over booked the hotel, and when we had called to change our arrival date from friday to saturday they didn’t put it in correctly. And since we didn’t come in on friday they canceled our reservation for sat to mon. Needless to say both of us were pissed. We knew getting a reservation in LP on jul4th was close to impossible. We complained to the managment , and had them in all sort of twists but they just couldn’t do anything. They were fully booked.

So now we were stuck trying to find a new hotel in the adirondacks on jul4th. In the end we went over to sarnac lake, where we were able to find a decent place.

Sick again

Argghhhh. I am sick again. This sinus infection again. Thanks to being alergic and taking no medication because of races I tend to get infections.

Now I have to decide whether I go upto lake placid as discussed for july 4th. Or do we go to DC. Reservation in LP are made but I don’t want to drive 7 hrs when I am sick. And then this also effects training.

The watch

So my watch broke on the last day of the endurance nation camp in lake placid. My trusty timex , which I had never left off my hands for years snapped in two. I was completely freaked out, have an ironman in 25 days , a wedding in 65, and you worry about among all things a watch .

So went online and decided I needed to get a different watch. I was hoping I could just get the new timex GPS trainer which had just come out. But after reading the review by another en athlete decided it was a waster of money. So then it was down to doing research of the different watches. Finally decided on the Polar 800CX system, it worked in a similar way to the timex. The hearrate and and watch worked together pretty well . And the GPS was standalone. And then if I want the bike speed unit. It connects to the computer to transfer data through IR. The only big NO-NO was it is not ANT+ compatible.

So I ended up buying it from amazon. And it finally arrived today. Went out for a test run , the GPS couldn’t get any satellites . But I wasn’t planning on using that during the race . The hearrate was nice. Now I just have to go through the several hundred screens to configure it.