The run in placid

I was going run on the course before we left placid. It was going to be. 1:30hr run so I figured I could do the whole run. I ran out of town and down the hill to river road. As a runner you quickly realize the way back up is going to be painful and I mean painful. The downhill is free energy. I ran onto river and have to say 1 of the prettiest runs anywhere. The rivers is on 1 side and the mountains off in the distance. You pass by a horse farm which has a sign do not feed the horse, and another sign of the athletes on the road. I like to play mind games while I run and I was imagining some triathlete thinking the horse needed a gu or infint . Or maybe the sign should say do not feed the athletes

Back up in placid

So after proposing to R ( and her saying yes) I decided to go for my long bike ride. The plan was to do 2 loops of the lake placid course at pace faster than race pace because I didn’t have to run afterwards. Started out from the tennis courts and did the 1st loop in 2:40, that for me is fast especially on these hills. The 2nd loop started out well I was cruising out of town and then the wind picked up. I felt like I was riding in a tornado my avg speed dropped to 10 in the headwind. I passed a couple of bikers by van honderberg and they were on the 2nd loop as well but were turning around. By the time I got to Keene I was beat. I started debating what to do tried to call rhian but had no signal. I rode towards jay and the wind was worst, a lot worst. By the time I made the turn to Wilmington I was done (d o n e) . I had been riding in the wind for 2 hrs my avg hr was well into z3-4 just to get up the hill. I csaw the top of whiteface and figured I should have signal from the tower at the top. I did. I called R and asked if she could me meet me at willmington . She was nice enough to bail my ass out of the wind. I rode into willmington decided to take a break to rest my legs. I then figured I could ride back to placid and catch R on the way. Did that passes whiteface and she picked me up by the koa sign.
What A day for a ride. I know when they say it was windy on the course what it could be like

2 down 44 to go

Just started the 12 week race-specific prep. In the words of crowie “Race Speeeecific Brriik” , need to add an Australian accent to that. 2 days of a long bike-run, followed by a long bike. Man my ass is sore, my legs are tired, my eyes have wind/sub burn and I am starting to think what the hell an ironman is all about. Did a 80mi bike ride, followed by 4mi run. Felt I was going to collapse. Total of 6hr of constant moving, a lot less than the 12 I am going for in an ironman.

The next day was a 60mi bike ride. It is almost a wonder I could get back on the bike. Lets just say certain parts of my anatomy were really really sore.

Weekend easy ride

You wonder what is wrong with you when you consider a 20mi ride and easy bike ride. The day after the race rehearsal I was awake at 5am. Don’t ask why, I wake up at that time on the weekends (at least some weekends). My options were to get stuff ready and do a sprint triathlon at the local Y where I swim or do a nice bike ride with R later in the day. Since I was recovering from the the race rehearsal the day before I decided I slowEr bike ride would be better. We got ready and did a quick ride on my regular loop. It was good to flush the legs

Debating a race

Somewhat recovering from being sick and I have full 1/2 IM race this week. The harryman triathlon. I was going to use it as a training race for the full distance race. Now I am debating whether it makes sense to toe the line, when I am at 40%. What good can come out of this. I already have my mental 6-pack of being able to run 13 miles with fever, not sure if I need to do 1/2 IM B race while still on antibiotics.
At the end I decided to skip the race and make it a full training day. I am going to 3000 yds in the pool, 70mile bike , 6 mi run. My own triathlon. With the option of skipping out if things get too bad. I race myself today. I race my body, my mind, and the conditions.


So I wonder if my body is just telling me stop this madness. Stop this biking for 4 hr and then running. I made for it. Or maybe it is just that every time I visit family in dc I get sick.
So after 4 days of fighting it I had to give into the microscopic organisms that have taken control. Had to call in a day sick at work and hence no workouts either

Bike Fit

So I finished my bike fit and went out for my sun ride. It’s been a while since I rode the titicus loop around Stamford, most of os has been doing the quick new cannan loop. Went out on long ride and I was quickly reminded of the hills, oh the hills of long ridge. I have never quite measured it but there are 2-3 long climbs on that road. I guess that is why the bike store is located at the end of the hills.
Anyway the bike felt great. I felt I was in more control and for a training ride I was avg at 17mph which for me is great.
Rode around the resivior and back to new cannan and then Stamford. R had parked the car at her office went re-filled on infinit and then went out for round 2.
This time i decided to do the reverse loop and rode from Stamford, to new cannan and then back. I could feel I had less juice in the legs. On the way down to long ridge I was wondering I didn’t cut this ride short. Got into the parking lot with 4hr of saddle time.
Got my running shoes on and tried to hammer out as quickly as possible.
The next day on Sunday was an easy 3 hr ride around Milford .
That is what I call the end of a good training week.

Self supported tri

So what does a triathlete need to do when he is recovering from a sinus infection and has asthma, he needs to do a self-supported triathlon. I mean isn’t that obvious, it is so obvious it is stoopid . So I am not doing the harry man race. I get up in the morning go for a long swim of 1hr. The pool is somewhat empty so it is nice.
On the way back I stop by to get breakfast.
And then it is off for e ride. Do the 1st loop of 40mi using 2 bottles of infinit, feel good legs feel fresh. Stop by the house to get refills and then head out for the 2nd loop. Doing well till the 70 mi mark and then the wind picks up. I must have been riding into a horrid headwind because I slowed down from 18mph to 14. Finally get home having done 96mi. Change into running shoes, timed it perfectly because R is done with her ride she decides to pace me for the run. I run out to silversands beach and do the regular 8 mi loop from the house. By the time I get home I am beat but considering I was recovering from an infection this was a good day.

13mi run with fever

So I had scheduled a 1:40hr run on Thursday. On the best of my running days this is painful. When you have a 100 fever and feel sick in your stomach it is an experience.
I came back home debating the run. Decided it was worth it to go out even if I didn’t do the whole workout. The slowish start got me going but by the backstrech of the run where I run past the beach I knew this would be a sufferfest. I was keeping on planned nutrition with infinit, but after 5mi started to feel that toxic taste you get before throwing up. Ran another mile and there it came, yes I am that guy, had to throw up a little and keep running. I felt almost relieved I mean it couldn’t get any worst on a run.
Well I finished my solid 8mi run, and then had 2x2mi repeats. Started running on the toughest part of the course on the uphill back from milford. Finished the 1st repeat had to break and just sit down on the grass by the shell. I was done , ran back home hoping it would be enough for the second repeat. Got home and wen straight to bed.
That is 1 run I won’t forget in a while. Great mental build.

A good training week

So returning from a weekend with the family. And a somewhat avg training weekend. It was time to turn the dial up. It is called the ironman ! Not sleep on the couch, eat nihari, and pie man . Ok well maybe if they made that a triathlon I would participate anyway.

I knew each day counted this week. I was able to get all of the scheduled workouts in, even the swims. Which for the lazy ass I am at 5am is a surprise.

It started off with a good swim monday , and then a run. On tuesday I joined the masters swim, to get royally whiped by doing a total of 3800yd swimming. I felt like a drowned rat at the end of the swim.

Wednesday felt strong on the bike doing some serious interval work. On the bike to work I hit hammered it home, and then ended with a 3mi brick run. The legs felt good. I was thinking ok this is not that bad I know I can run 3 at interval pace after 30mi of hammering a bike.

On thursday did a long run for 1 1/2 hrs. Which felt decent had to cut it short because I was not feeling well. And then took friday swim off. Finished the week with a total of 15hr of training for the week.