Days back, work , workswork

So after taking a couple of days off training. And do a full week of the scheduled workouts I got slammed by work. The whole of last week was spent getting projects up to date, writing code, reviewing code and projects. Finally using the extra holiday on presidents day a breather.

Now it is back to workswork. The little known endurance nation saying , referring to I need to start back up. Only 160days left. I have got to make every day count from here to the IM

Question this ?

Last week I had several ephinay moment about triathlons and racing. On a train ride back home as I was wondering that I consistently work 60+hr/weeks , I did the calculation of how many hours of training does the average triathlete do in a year.

So lets say you are doing an IM , you will hit at avg of 10-15 hr /week, peaking at maybe closer to 25hr a week. That is roughly 21-32 days of training in a year , not counting days/weeks off. Now roughly 1/3 of that time (possibly more) is spent on the bike, a average biker produces 250+ watts on the bike that is roughly 34.6 Megawatt(hrs) of power. That is enough power that a small biking club (15-20) people can power a small apt.

This year at the end of the year I am going to total up my figures of total of each sport and reflect on them.

All this almost makes me wonder if I didn’t do this what would I do with all the spare time I have. hmmm.

Days off and day back

So after feeling completely burnt out from training, taking a couple of days of . I was ready to hit the workouts again. Started early monday with a long swim. And now have an entire 15hrs of workouts planned for this week.

Somebody has to explain to me that if I do this for 15 hrs, what do normal people who don’t do this do for the 15hrs. Hmmm, whenever I don’t workout like the maniac triathlete I find you have a lot more hours in the day.

So now I just have to worry about hitting these workouts on the money keeping the intensity and focus up. Then in 1 week do a power test.