44 points

So the 8 days of endurnacenation run challenge are over. I ended up with 44 points. Not even close to being at the top. I was suprised at how much mileage people were putting in this early in th year. For me its been a slowdown since marathon training in the oct-nov. So this is the time of the year when I am putting in less than 30 miles a week.

The points program got me thinking. What is a true “points” system for someone running. At the end of the day it is a double edged sword. I like that I can measure runs 1 weeks vs another week, at the same time, it is annoying how your run leg of the race has been reduced to a numbers games because at the end of the day only thing that matters is the clock and the distance.

Below is some of what endurancenation used plus some of my own added in

1 point for every mile you run

1 point for every mile at z4 pace

1 point if it is below 0 degrees

2 points if it is raining

2 points if you havent run in the last week

2 points if it is your longest/fastest run ever (breakthrough workout)

So how points do you have for the week

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