3 days off

So I am burnt. My mind is running in circles from thinking about work, about grad school, and then finally the IM. So my simple solution is that to take 3 days off from IM training. I am still in week 3/4 of the training, so the consensus seems to be that I won’t lose a lot of fitness.

So the end of my 3 days is tomorrow. So far it has been relaxing. I am always suprised how much free time I have when I am not training.

44 points

So the 8 days of endurnacenation run challenge are over. I ended up with 44 points. Not even close to being at the top. I was suprised at how much mileage people were putting in this early in th year. For me its been a slowdown since marathon training in the oct-nov. So this is the time of the year when I am putting in less than 30 miles a week. Continue reading “44 points”