Birds like Iphones

So while on my trip to b-town I decided birds like iphones. As an interesting anecdote while I had gone out for my 12mi run rhian decided to go get coffee and do the regular sunday morning rituals. While walking back and using google maps to direct her, a feathered friend decided to do its business with amazing accuracy on the iphone. Hence my thought that birds like iphones.

If you look at it, and if birds had the cognitive thought and the control to choose their targets they would be classified as being amazingly more accurate than most modern fighter planes , including predator drones. So why doesn’t the CIA take a look at that. They are hell-bent on using drones to eliminate single people targets , while trying minimize collateeral damage. Then why not use small toy planes mounted with single rounds of low caliber guns to eliminate them.

Seriously to consider a hellfire II missile with blast fragmentation, costs roughly $65,000 has a blast radius of over a 100meters all to eliminate 1 person. I am big fan of the philosiphy “use the right tool for the right job” , I think someone made a bad choice.

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