IM lake placid 2010

1 week since my 70.3 race. Still a bit sore and my knees feel all of the steps in the last 6 mi in the run.
And in my crazy, blood glucose low mood I just signed up for doing ironman lake placid 2010. What was. I thinking ! All 140.6 mi . And this after watching the anguish and pain of the people doing it this year.

I had picked up rhian from the airport and we had driven straight to lake placid (with a side trip to kabab king). We had decided out of necessity to camp close to lp which turned out to be really nice. The camp site was a bit past the turn-off for wilmington. We were able to spend a lot of time in town enjoying the local brew.

On the day of the race we volunteered at the bike station and the run course. It made a fun way to pass the day.

And the next day I did sign up for next year. Yikes!!! Time to get into shape


I always enjoy doing the Musselman triathlon. The organization is incredible, incredible volunteers, gorgeous scenery, and it always awesome to have a race director who is done several races himself. They know the nerves a first-timer has the day before; they know how much time, effort, money you have spent to get to this point; they know what is going through an athletes head at 6am when he comes to the race site. They

It’s a great feeling to wake up the morning of the race. Even though it is 4am I am up and running , the adrenaline going through you. By the time 6am comes around, after a cup of coffee, I have usually calmed down and focused on the hours ahead. Continue reading “70.3”