Bike to Work

Living 30mi away from work creates a logistical, scheduling problem once you get to triathlon training. Since on most days I would spend atleast 2hrs commuting back-and-forth it leaves very little daylight to spend running or biking.
So like the past year, I decided to bike to work. The 30mi is on the fringe of what most people would consider to far. I think of it as doing my regular scheduled ride, working and then doing another ride. In the end I am hoping the long hours on the bike would build aerobic efficency. My only concern is that I am not going to fast, I avg around 17 mph which 3-4 mph slower than my regular pace. As the season goes on will have to sub some speed workout.
The bike route is interesting to say the least. I start off in milford and bike on rt 1 and rt 133 going to fairfield. During this time I have to go through the worst and best parts of bridgeport dealing with the worst of its traffic. After fairfield it is somewhat smooth sailing till I get some more traffic by norwalk. Barring traffic and bridgeport it makes for a scenic bike-ride.
I usually leave at around 6:45 and get in by 8:30. So in all not a bad morning and evening workout