So rest assured I have a very “special” relationship with my bikes. It is as the level that car-maniacs have with their ultra tricked out ; double exhaust; custom chipped cars.

Mine is with my Bikes. Their beauty , elegance, aero-dynamic nature,and the fact they hardly every break down. I guess the latter is what attracts me to bikes. I find that nearly every other transportation mechanism requires a high degree of maintenance. From the car, motorbike to even trains. There are just so many electrical , mechanical part over time that require some degree of maintenance. And most require some of the transportation mechanism require some amount of CO2 producing fuel.
Whereas on a bike you are the engine.The engine doesn’t really need that much maintenance just the regular food you consume. And unless you have a crash no real break downs occur. From the perspective of the bike itself the maintenance is low, clean it regularly, tune the gears if need be, every once in a while replace tires or breaks.

As of late I own 2 bikes. My road bike a specialized tramac expert , and then my triathlon bike a specialized transition elite . Always looking at expanding collection. I am like the 5year old boy who ogles at all the bikes when he enters the bike store. Probably towards the end of the year I will look at getting a mountain bike (again) or possibly a cheaper road bike. Just for some winter riding.