The startup routine

Started serious training again for races. Wow as I get older startup of this yearly routine is harder. Even if it is a week off or a year it doesn’t matter. There creaks in body, the endoskeleton, the muscles , the tendons, the ligaments. You have to take that 1 thing at a time. Listen to your body. Accelerate when you can, and slow down when you need to.

The basic startup routine for me is 2-4days of running a week, 1-2 days bike . 2-3 days of core. And no swimming unless needed.

Day 0.6 of Cleanse diet

So not sure what in the world I was thinking but I agreed to put myself in 10 days of a purge diet. It is meant to be lemon-juice+cayenne with a lot of water. Yes for the person that loves food this is absolutely crazy. But it is meant to be the perfect time to do it since I am not doing a big training block. And this is meant to help me figure out what is best in my diet. The goal is to do this for 10 days and then slowly introduce regular food back in my diet to see impacts.

This reminds of fasting in ramzan except it is so much worst. Well after 6 hrs I feel absolutely horrible. Slight headache , craving food .

Switching to strava

So I have decided it is time to give up on trainingpeaks and switch to strava. This change was way over due. Now I need to figure the in and outs of the new system. Would also help if I can get to be more active since it will make me competitive with everyone else on strava.

I will still use trainingpeaks as a calendar system. With the idea I can switch that to another calendar anytime.

Agile/Scrum in life

So I use a lot of Agile/Scrum methodologies beyond my work life. I use it in training, person life, day-to-day planning, career progression etc. But R sent me the funniest application of scrum in life . Worth thinking about how far people can take this .

Week1 of April Training

Boy I am tired. I am tired from the consistent workouts. I am both mentally and physically tired. I had forgotten how much mental fortitude it takes to do consistent triathlon workouts. I used to previously say this was this the difference between training and working-out. In “training” no matter how mentally tired , or physically exhausted you are you have to go out and do your scheduled workout. In a workout the day you feel tired or “not up for it” you skip it.

The biggest piece I noticed from my runs this week was that I was tired in my legs. My shins were hurting , my IBT was tight. Pointing to more need for recovery.

And then now I also find that I am more tired with Z being a handful everyday. But hey week 1 mission accomplished 6 consistent workouts in the week. None of them were stellar but they were there. And today is a new week.

Getting back to serious racing

After some thought I have decided I want to return back to doing long-course IM racing in 2015. With the goal of doing of eventually doing an IM in 2016 . Yes that is a pretty extended timeline but given that last time I decided to do an IM after years of racing I gave myself a 2year ramp up — I want to do the same this time around.

So it is decided I will be doing IM vineman or IM boulder next year — have to discuss which one with R.

And then 2016 will be a trip to either tahoe or lake placid.

Game On!!

Feeling lazy

Wow it’s been a while since any structured training. With the number of things at work, family just have not had any time for that . But it is time to get a roll on